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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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Rod Baakkonen



Alvin Bacon

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Karen Bacon

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Ginger Badger Brown



40 years ~ where has the time gone?  I have been working at Crow Wing Power for 35 years now. The purchasing department and finance department is where I hang out.  I am looking forward to retirement in a few short years probably at age 62.  Denny my husband of 37years is working at Pepsi Cola as a Service Technician and on call all the time.  He will be retiring in another year and a half. He hunts ducks in the fall and fishes whenever he has spare time. We both do the rifle hunting for deer in November.  Our daughter Becky, her husband Scott, sons Parker and Brenden are living in Tucson Arizona at this time but due to Scottís promotion to Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force they will be moving to Mountain Home Idaho this coming October.  That will be a nice drive for us this Thanksgiving.  We still live on Ruth Lake (22 years now) and love to use the lake for fishing in winter and paddle boat riding in the summer. We enjoy having bonfires with the neighbors, which has to include roasting marshmallows. I enjoy making greeting cards with my rubber stamps. I have a great group of stamping friends that I get together with many times a year for birthday lunches and Christmas brunches.  We are hoping that retirement will bring about some traveling after the good winter fishing is over, with a fifth wheel behind us ~ catching up with Becky and her family where ever the military moves them.  I need to spend time with those grandsons of mine and enjoy the unconditional love they have for their Nana. I had a knee replacement almost 3 years ago and now I am looking at having the hip replaced on the same side as the knee.  I have inherited the arthritis that has handicapped my mother so guess I canít always be as active as I would like but I do the best I can. Denny built me a new deer stand this year so now I will have steps up to a more spacious enclosed deer stand ~ canít wait!!  I hope that Iím not the only one in the class that has an artificial joint ~ so l would be interested to know if there are other classmates that have had that experience.  All in all life is good.

I have enjoyed being on the planning committee; reconnecting with these great classmates, also hearing from all of you with the biography paragraphs and the notes with the checks for the dinner.

Tiziano Barni    
Maribeth Barrett Grimsby



Renee Barrows    
Cynthia Becker    
Jeanne Bedard



Pat Benjamin

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Scott Berczyk   Deceased January 24, 2013
Cheryl Berg    
Mike Berg

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  Deceased  February 7, 1993
Ronald Berg

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Sandy Berg Caughey


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Kathy Berry Pietz



Steve Besmehn

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Vicky Beto Berry

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I am back home to Brainerd after living 13 years in Colorado.  I have two boys, one girl and three beautiful grandchildren (two girls and one very special boy). Currently I work at Big Lots and enjoy it very much.  I also do respite for my grandson.  I love to travel, walk, sew and watch golf. 

Deceased January 30, 2018

Mitch Billman    
Frank Bingham



I donít have much to brag about in the last ten years!!  WHO-DA-THOUGHT; at age fifty eight, I would be addicted to nine heart pharmaceuticals ~ have aches and pains ~live with a neurotic golden retriever.  I am still trying to lower my sex drive and addiction to Vodka and Viagra!!  Seriously; I had the biggest scare of my young life, a year and a half ago.  Got a helicopter ride, went thru two heart surgeries, saw the white light and learned a lot.  I learned to talk with God and I donít know if he is a very smart man?  He put that much effort and strength into me.  I must have more to accomplish in this life!!  He wakes me every morning and guides my footsteps.  New retired and operating my own business, days go fast and are rewarding.  Life couldnít be better in my little corner of the world. If you took the time to read my ramblings, may your life be successful and rewarding like mine.  I wish you FAITH, PEACE and LOVE!! 

Jeanne Bisek

No Photo

Larry Bjerga   Deceased July 29, 1972
Terry Blondell    
Jeff Blume

No Photo

Theresa Bock    
Gary Bollum   Deceased  October 9, 2004
James Borg



Pauline Bourassa    
Sidney Bowman  
Ann Brandl    
Steve Braverman

No Photo

  Deceased March 26, 2013
Kevin Brick    
Greg Britton

No Photo

Patrick Brophy    
Alpheus Brown    
Rose Brown No Photo   Deceased
Judith Brunelle



Maureen Brusseau Engholm  

Rick and I dated grades 9-12 and we were married the summer of 1972.  We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  We were divorced in l994.  I have worked for Cub Foods almost 21 years now and I have weekends off.  I get to watch my granddaughter Madison who is now 3 while her parents work at Home Depot. 

William Burgwald    
Helen Butcher   Deceased January 1, 2000

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