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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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Pam Falconer   Deceased March 28, 2003
Rita Fairbanks

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Larry Finch



Linda Finch    
Kathy Fitch Olson



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Steve Fitch

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Don Fleischhacker   Deceased August 17, 2011
Gary Fleischhacker    
Bianca Foster No Photo   Deceased
Jeff Fox    
Jan Freeman Larson Sterner    
Debra Frink    
Dan Gage

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David Gallagher    
Julie Gallagher    
Linda Gallagher    
Eunice Gangstad    
Mark Gavin   Deceased March 21, 2015
Jane Gerrish    
Jeff Gildart    
Roberta Gildow Morrison    
Cris Graber    
Alan Gratten

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Nancy Greenwalt    
Randy Griess


40 years in a short paragraph-not an easy task, but here are some of the high points. I attended Brainerd Vo-Tech for Sales & Marketing. After graduating I went on to Bemidji state for more business. In 1975 I married by wife Lori. We have 3 children - Brandi, Brad and Bryan and now two grandchildren. We have lived in the Park Rapids area for the last 37 years. I was in the marine business for almost 25 years and in 1998 switched careers and went to work in corrections for the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Department as coordinator/crew leader for the Sentence to Serve and Community Work Service Program. Only a few more years until retirement and then I can enjoy all my hobbies full time. Snowmobiling (especially out west), touring on our motorcycle, traveling in the US and abroad, hunting, cars, landscaping, construction (as can be seen in our yard), water gardening and raising koi.
Thomas Grotjohn


I married my soul-mate and best friend, Nancy, in 1978 and she is still putting up with me after 34 years; proof positive that she is at the very least, part saint. We are blessed with a son and a daughter, apparently neither of them thinks Nancy and I are ready for grand children. We make our home in Morris, just down the road from Lake Wobengon.

I managed to graduate from the University of MN at Morris in '86 with a degree in Studio Art, however, I must have more than a little 5W-30 in my blood as I've spent the better part of my career in some facet of auto repair, rodding, restoration or auto retailing. I'm currently earning my keep in auto sales and still love shiny paint and V-8's.

I spend (Nancy might say squander) my spare time in the fall waterfowling and upland game hunting. I take great pleasure in encouraging my son and several nephews to join in such idle pursuits. I dabble a little in photography and have grown to enjoy simple things such as bike rides with Nancy and time with my children.
Susan Groth Webert



Tom Grotjohn

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Debbie Gusse Jelacie



Tom and I are still living in Brainerd.  Our son graduated from Bemidji State College this year with a major in Sports Management and hopes to find permanent employment in the Brainerd area. After 25 years in banking I gave it up for a county job.  I have been working in the recorder’s office for 9 years now.  It has been a nice change, but I am hoping my next “career change” will be retirement. After years of attending hockey and baseball games, I fill my spare time with biking, knitting, reading, and relaxing! It was fun visiting with everyone at the reunion.  Thank you to everyone on the committee for taking time to organize the reunion.

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