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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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Kathy Haglin Olmsted


After high school I went to the Brainerd Beauty College, and then worked in a hair salon for 7 years.  I switched careers and did accounting for my husband's office for the next 25 years, while raising and homeschooling our two children. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in May.  Our son is almost 26, married to classmate Sue Hobson Knudsen's daughter.  They live in Whitefish, Montana and are expecting our first grandchild!  Our daughter is 23 and has recently started a photography business.  We have a cabin on the periphery of Glacier Park in Montana and travel back and forth throughout the entire year.  I am blessed to have all my siblings (4 brothers, 4 sisters) now living in Minnesota and we continue to have family gatherings often.  I've enjoyed scrapbooking, attended Bible Study Fellowship for 15+ years, still doing income tax returns for a handful of family members, and must have at least one book to read on my nightstand.
Rosie Hale Prince    
Dennis Hall   Deceased November 29, 2017
Dennis R Hall, 63, of Nisswa died Wednesday, November 29, 2017, at United Hospital in St. Paul.

Dennis was born Sept 20, 1954, to Rolland "MIckey" and Irene (
Anderson) Hall of Nisswa.

Dennis is survived by his son, Matthew; brother, David (Lynn) Hall; sister, Peggy (Gene) Nickel; and many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8, at Pequot Laqkes Baptist Church.
Cheryl Hallgren Johnson


I have always lived here in Brainerd.  Guess it is hard to leave once you are here especially when my family is still here.  I have been a beautician for 39 years and self employed for 32 of those.  Still love my job and enjoy going to work every day....just finding that the older I get the harder it is to stay on my feet for so many hours.  A sign in my shop says GROWING OLD AIN'T FOR SISSIES and that is not far from the truth!!!  

I have 2 children, Scottie is 27 and is a cook and going back to school for X-Ray technician. He is a very busy guy right now. He has a beautiful red headed daughter Morgan who is 4 and the love of my life. I have her every other weekend so she either wears me out or keeps me young. My daughter Jayce is 22 and just about to graduate from college as a surgical technician.  Everyone says she is a mini-me (poor kid).  She is such a joy and beautiful young lady.

I keep busy just being a workaholic, keeping up with my kids and family.  Life has been good.
Theresa Halverson Munsch




I've been married to Phil for going on 13 years and we run the Heating/AC business right here in Brainerd (Unreal HOW one can live here and not see familiar faces, however I am at shop/house a few miles out of town, and my running around is minimal, so DUH?!??!)! . My kids have blessed us with four beautiful granddaughters (7,4,3 and 2). We just built a get away on the Grand Mesa in Colorado in 2010 so go there to play when we can! We aren't in Brainerdd much on week ends. Life IS good....God is WHY! The pictures of many I did recognize and LOVED seeing them! Also, the balloon Celebration of Lives that mingled with ours and are no longer here was SO uplifting!! My heart and thoughts...and memories were renewed just by the pictures shared! THANK EVERY ONE FOR ME!!!

With Gods Continued Blessings to EVERY one of you!!!

And HUGS!!!!! Teresa Halverson Munsch

Robin Hamren Myers


I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1977 with a degree in pharmacy.  I have worked in various settings over the years, including pharmacies in Rochester, Brainerd, Crosby, and Staples.  In 2005 I went back to college and earned a degree in elementary education.  John and I were married in 1978.  We have two children, Nicholas, 28, and Kristina, 24.  We have 2 cats and a fish and too many plants.  We are dog-less or dog-free, however you look at it, for the first time in 34 years.  I have too many hobbies and interests.  I love plants, indoor and out.  I volunteer as a Master Gardener.  I enjoy needlework of all sorts, especially knitting and cross stitch.  I have recently been teaching knitting and really enjoy that.  I play flutes (piccolo, flute, and alto flute), cello, and handbells in various local groups.  I teach Sunday school and have for many years.  In my spare time I love to read.  I especially enjoy mysteries and travel stories.
Donna Hansen    
Loven Hane    
Kristi Hansen Anderson    
Brad Hanson

No Photo

Curt Hanson    
Clara Harris    
Joy Harris    
Cheryl Hartman Pikula No Photo   Deceased September 7, 1997
Gayle Hartranft

No Photo

Bruce Hauck


Janet Haugene Stoneberg


Lana Hazuka Miller   Deceased July 5, 2012
Debbie Hegstrom    
Brian Helmer



Laura Henderson Herman    
Robert Hendrickson

No Photo

Pam Herbst    
Richard Herder


Marsha (Hardt, class of '73) and I have been happily married for 38 years. We have three children (two daughters, one son) and five grandchildren. I graduated from Bemidji State in 1977 and have spent most of the years since graduation as a high school English teacher and speech and debate coach: seven years in Staples and then a couple decades in Naples, FL. In 2005 I returned to school and eventually picked up an MA from U of Miami and a PhD in public communication from Georgia State. In 2010 I accepted a teaching position at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall. We are happy to be back home in the north country, but spend considerable time on the road visiting children in the far flung environs of Tennessee and New York.
Brenda Herron Budahn


Lynda Herron    
Mark Hibbard

No Photo

Claire Hill


Juanita Hill    
Linda Hillman    
Suzanne Hoag Dicks


Why is it so difficult to condense 40 years into a few words?  I think I answered my own question. My husband & I live near Bemidji MN-on a hobby farm, which means horses, dogs & cats. We do enjoy flower & a veggie garden too. We have 5 near perfect children and 2 perfect grandchildren. My dad, who is 92 years old, just moved to Bemidji this past June.  I'm an LPN, did clinical work for 8 years-took time off to be home with my children. I then worked in our middle school health office for 10 years & really enjoyed watching the transformation of the students during that time of their life. Also made me very thankful to have grown up when I did.   I'm very grateful that my husband, Bill, supports & encourages my love for our 4 legged family and of course our kids, grand kids and the time I spend with my dad.  Life is good!   Until our next reunion-wishing everyone happiness & health! 

Susan Hobson Knudsen


Susan Hockmayr    
LuAnn Hoffman Aasen


I feel the same; think the same I just don’t look the same.  Maybe that can be said for all of us.  Where has 40 years gone.  I work F/T as a 401 (k) Benefit Administrator and live in Eagan.  I have a daughter in Erie, PA and a son in Duluth.   No grandchildren but then neither are married, so I may have to be a rent a grandma. 

In my spare time, I make wine (merlot), cook vegetarian, follow NFL football-GO PACK, play bingo and shoe shop.


Lynn Hollingsworth Ellstrom    
Tom Holloway


After 30 years of doing dentistry, I sold my practice and retired in September of 2009.  I have found that playing golf, fishing in the summer, snowshoeing and ice fishing in the winter with a healthy dose of hunting in the fall seem to be a lot more fun and less stressful.  Knowing that each day that passes you won’t get back, being mindful of the fact that we are all “penciled in” it seems like retirement was the sensible path.  Still married to wife Cyndy and will be making the 30th Anniversary in March 2013.  I used to wonder how years rolled by too fast, now I wonder how decades do.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and trying to summarize in a 5 minute conversation, what has happened in the last 40 years. 

Evelyn Holmes

No Photo

Michael Holmes

No Photo

Karla Holmquist Hollinshead


Phil Holum


Carol Horn    
Beverly Horner    
Karina Hoversten    
Mike Humphrey
Paul Hunt



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