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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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Steve Imgrund    
Vernon Imgrund

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Michele Jacobs    
Linda Jarnot    
Scott Jarvis No Photos   Deceased  February 26, 1976
Lesley Jenkins    
Cathy Jensen    
Jim Jensen    
Roxanne Jensen    
Jean Johnson    
Nancy Johnson    
Steve Johnson

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John Johnston

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  Deceased October 26, 1978
Pam Johnston

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Carl Jokstad

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Richard Jones    
Andrea Jordan    
Dan Junker



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Deceased October 19, 2020
Wendy Katchie    
Peggy Kennedy Allord



Ron and I will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary this fall.  We are still - have never left - in the area living in Baxter.  Our two daughters and families live in Brainerd - thankfully - as we then have all 6 of our Grand's locally :).  Our eldest is almost 13, and the newest - we were blessed with twins (boy/girl) on November 1, 2011.   Each of our daughters have 2 girls and a boy.  We love every single minute we get to spend with them!!  Ron is still with the school district and I have just completed 41 years with St. Joe's.  I am VERY much looking forward to retirement in about 12 months - to do whatever I want whenever!!  Ron will be close behind.  We love to travel when we can, enjoy biking in the summer (pedal!!), love being with our Grand babies and would like every Minnesota winter to be like 2011!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

Lyndon Kirk    
Betty Kirzeder    
William Kisskeys   Deceased June 10, 2013
Alex Klause    
Brad Klein



"Hi everyone!  Forty years really has sailed by quickly.  I've been married to my wife, Cindy, for much of that time.  We have one son, Jeff, who will shortly (hopefully) be completing his PhD in Physics.  The culmination of his research will be a two month trip to Antarctica this fall.

After high school I received my undergraduate degree and J.D. from the University of Minnesota.  I started working for U.S. Bank in Duluth shortly after law school and I've remained with the bank my entire career.  I work in the bank's Wealth Management Group in Minneapolis as a Regional Trust Manager.  Cindy retired from teaching in Stillwater (where we lived for the past 15 years) this spring so we decided to move into a warehouse condo in downtown Minneapolis to be closer to my office.  We spend as much time as we can at our lake home on Little Pelican Lake, near Nisswa. 

I hope to join Cindy in retirement in not too many years.  We're looking forward to our future at the lake and as much travel as we can handle."

Cheryl Klein Wilson  
Vicki Knowlen Wald    
Nancy Knudsen    
Shelley Koering    
Diane Kohl    
Marlene Kollars    
Patricia Kollars    
Gary Koop

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Robert Koop

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Geraldine Kost Nierengarten



Doug Kraklau



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Kathy Kraklau

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Dennis Kroupuenske Deceased July 2, 2013
Nancy Kropuenske

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Carolyn Krueger    
Ronna Krueger    
Steve Krueger    
Cathy Kruger Borders



Wow!  It's been 40 years and I'm not sure how to summarize all those years.  I have three wonderful kids, two grandkids, and two dogs.  Tiffany is my oldest and lives near Milwaukee with her husband and 2 little ones.  Max is 3 and Kate is only 1.  My son, Michael, just graduated from high school and will be at NDSU next fall.  Brooke is 16 and will be a junior in high school next year.  Yes,   I was pretty darn old when those last two were born?  I was divorced about 3 years ago and am too busy to even think about dating???  Life is great just the way it is!  

I finally graduated from Mankato State University in 1991 and spent a few years substitute teaching.  I then tutored 9th and 10th graders at the Little Falls High School before getting my 4th grade teaching job about 6 years ago at Lindbergh Elementary.  It is so great to love your job and get paid for it too! 

I have a seasonal camper and pontoon boat on Lake Edward where we enjoy the lake and friends!  I love reading, swimming, biking and spending time with my wonderful family!!

Dale Kucera    
Kathy Kucera    
Rick Kummet


We (married to Debbie Nelson) continue to live and enjoy the Brainerd area, and are grateful for the opportunity to do so.  Our three children are healthy, employed and enjoying their respective careers. We have been blest in that regard.  We enjoyed our time at the 40th Class Reunion and it was fun to see and talk with so many of our classmates.  As many others likely felt, WHERE DID THOSE 40 YEARS GO?  We wish all of you health and a happy future. 

Pauline Kunkel



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