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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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Russell LaCourse    
Lynn Lambert    
Sheila Larkin    
Christelle Larson

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Margaret Larson    
Michael Larson



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Robert M. Larson


Robert P Larson   Deceased
Larry Laski

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Kathy Laughlin    
Duane Laughton    
Basil LeBlanc



I am working fulltime at the St Cloud VA in primary care. Still active in the MN Army National Guard, third (and hopefully last) deployment was in 2009 to Iraq. I am married to Shelly, blended family of 5 children, no grandchildren yet.  I still running, gardening, woodworking and playing guitar.


Karen Lee    
Steven Lee    
Linda Leff Engholm    
Julie Leibold    
Dewey Le Suer

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Scott Lideen



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After high school I graduated from BJC, went a year to St Cloud State and in 1975 moved to Tempe AZ to attend AZ State University. I worked and went to school part time because I couldnít afford the out-of state tuition, finally graduating with a degree in finance in 1979. I went to work for a large corporation, then another and another. Was married in 1981 and was transferred to Dallas/Fort Worth in 1989 but it didnít work out so moved back to Phoenix in 1992 to work for Integrated Support Systems. In 1994 the owner died of cancer and two of us employees bought the company and Iím still there. We represent the manufacturers of a couple of lines of equipment that are commonly found in data centers/computer rooms, Liebert computer room A/C and power conditioning and Tate Access Floors.

We have two children, Kristen is single and soon to be 26. She has one degree and is back in school working for her nursing degree. She should be done next year.

Taylor is 22, single, and wants to be a pro mtn biker. He and I chased the National Off Road Bicycle Assoc. (NORBA) series around the country for 4 years, winning a lot of races. I ended up national age group champion four times in downhill and superD. He started as a downhiller but gravitated to endurance and now specializes in ultra endurance solo mtn biking. He won his age group at the World 24 Hour Solo Championships in 2009 and took 2nd in Australia in 2010 and weíll be in Canada in September for the worlds again. Thatís riding for 24 hours straight with only a few minutes per 1-1.5 hour laps off the bike. Heís good at it.

I was divorced in June of 2009 and on Christmas Day of that year my house caught fire. It is now rebuilt and I moved back in January 2011.

I still love the AZ outdoors. I ride my mtn bike 3-5 days/week on South Mountain where my house is. This time of the year I ride over the top of the mountain home and back into work once a week. Iíve ridden dirt bikes in Baja CA a number of times. Used to barefoot water ski a lot. Lately into rock crawling. Started with a 1968 Ford Bronco specially fitted for crawling. Then recently upped the ante with a full tube buggy.  Itís the most fun you can have in a vehicle at 1 MPH.

It was great to see you all at the reunion. We donít have much time left on this earth so might as well have fun while weíre here.  Good luck to all of you.    

Susan Liemandt    
Debbie Lind    
Julie Lind Witt  
Mary Lindberg    
Steven Lindstam    
Jerry Linnerooth    
David Lofstrom    
Carol Loisel Bruchhof



I'm still enjoying life at this point in time in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes area. My husband, Greg, and I are still working, but have talked more and more about retirement in the next few years.  We spend time together fishing in the summer and getting together with our families and friends in the winter. I like to travel, read, walk, and come up with new projects to do around the house when I can find the time. 

Our daughter and her family moved back to Brainerd recently, so we are able to spend a lot of time with them (especially our only grandchild, Lucas). We are so blessed to have them close by and actively involved in our lives. Our son lives and works in Tucson, AZ so our visits with him are too few and far between. Thank God for technology so we can stay connected even from a great distance. We're hoping to spend more time with him once we are retired.

I'm looking forward to what lies ahead in our "Golden Years". Hoping that we are all able to make the most of what comes our way as we continue down life's path.

Joyce Look Bible



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Bruce Lovald    
Kay Lower Mulkey    
Barry Lundeby    
Scott Lideen

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Sherry Lyons

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