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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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James MacArther    
Steve MacFarland    
Jeff McCarthy



Larry McCulley   Deceased March 22, 2010
John McKay    
Julie McLaughlin now Sarah Davis



In 1991 I changed my name to Sarah Davis, and I have been married now for 4 years to Richard Bennett.  We live in Nine Mile Falls, WA.    

It was fun to see pictures and read about updates in classmates lives.  Everyone has many stories about what they have done over the years, and I think we're all "seasoned" in the ways of life by now.  I was sorry to see so many of our friends have passed on.  It was heartening to read about how they were remembered at last year's reunion.  That was very touching. 

In some ways my home town does not hold entirely good memories, and has reminders of mistakes I have made.  But life goes on and time tends to cover over old wounds....I am in such a wonderful time of my life now.  I have good health, a wonderful husband, and a new house to enjoy.  A dear group of friends and I are hoping to cater dinners here for periodic events.  So much to look forward to.

I hope that this finds you well and flourishing. 

Douglas McNutt




No Photo

Kathy Magnan   Kathryn "Kathy" Magnan, 69, of Sheyenne, ND passed away Friday, January 14, 2022, at Cheyenne, ND.

Funeral service was held on Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022 at First Lutheran Church, Sheyenne, ND  Burial will be at the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Brainerd, MN at a later date.  Rev. Jeff Halvorson officiated the service with special music by Bonnie Deagan and Marci Grohs.  Honorary bearers were all of Kathy's family and close friends.

Kathy was born on Jan 9, 1954, in Brainerd, MN to Margaret "Marge" R. (Guzek) and Wallace "Wally" E. MKagnan.  She and her siblings, cousins and friends spent their days on Gull Lake, growing up at the Parkview Resort, run by the Magnan family.

Kathy attended St. Frances Catholic School in Brainerd for eight years and graduated from Brainerd HIgh School in 1972.  She got her Bachelor's Degree from Bemidji State University in MN and her Master's Degree from the University of North Dakota, followed by a  40-year teaching careeer, most of those years spent teaching at Warwick High School in Warwick, ND.
Marcia Magnan    
Mike Mahoney

No Photo

  Deceased  November 28, 1988
Doug Mailhot    
Weston Manifold    
Debbie Martin Esse Long story short-I have had a wonderful life!  I have been married to Bruce for 35 years.  Bruce is retired from the Duluth Fire Department and is on his 2nd career as a data analyst at Wells Fargo. We moved to the Twin Cities from Duluth about 7 years ago and built a house in Eagan.  We have 2 grown children; Beth is our eldest and she is married and has a 12 year old son.  Kyle is child # 2 and is married and has a 5 month old daughter.  They both work in the computer world!  I feel like I have been a constant student.  After high school I became an RN, went on to get a bachelor’s degree, also received a master’s degree in healthcare administration.  I am a certified emergency nurse which is where my love lies.  I am now employed with McKesson Technologies.  I help facilities implement a coding program for the emergency department.  After the implementation I work with the facilities using their data to optimize their processes. For this job I needed to become a certified professional coder (more school and tests!) which I get to add to the alphabet soup already behind my name!   It is the best job in the world.  I get to travel for the implementations so I get to meet a lot of wonderful people in lots of different parts of the country.  The rest of the time I work from home.   I am also a breast cancer survivor of 13 years.
Barb Martinson    
Roy Maske    
Ken Mathewson



After high school I went to Vo-tech where I took welding classes. I graduated with honors.  I moved to the cities where I worked for Carter Day as a certified welder for 12 years.  I moved then to Cambridge and bought a house.  I married Diane in 1974 and we had one daughter Amanda in 1980.  We divorced in 1982.  I moved back to Motley for a year and then on to Staples.  I worked at Scotty’s Pub as a bartender for 3 years.  I moved to New York Mills where I worked for Lund Boats for 22 years.  In 2008 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis.  I tried to work for the next 3-6 months but missed more than I was there due to swelling and pain in my joints.  I officially quit that fall.   I married Lynn Nitschke on August 30, 2003, Lynn has 2 daughters.  The oldest has 3 girls and 1 boy.  The youngest Sheena, who has been like a daughter to me has a girl named Kennedy.  Kennedy is my “bug”.  I have called her that since the first day I saw her.  I have taught her to cast and now we go fishing together.  Kennedy has been such a joy to me. 

Mary Mathewson   Deceased March, 2009
Kathy Mathison    
Debra Melby Larson



  Greetings class of 1972.  Wally and I are living in Bovey, MN.  We have two grown children, who are married and they have six children between them. 
What a ball to be grandparents.  We are both retired as of July 2011, and just finished our retirement home 25 miles north of Grand Rapids.  When we are not here, we are enjoying our cabin in Canada, with our family.  Each day is such a blessing, as long as we have our health!
Luther Meyer    
William Meyer    
Kristine Meyers McTaggart



Hi Class of 72!  God is good! I escaped to sunny southern California in 1989.  I remarried in1999 to a long-haired hippie Christian rock drummer who is my best friend

(DanielAmos.com) and together we have 6 kids and 11 grandchildren and another one on the way!  (Grandchild, not a baby!!!)  In 1994 I started a business making wedding invitations; still doing that (Artiface.com) so I never had to get a 'real job'.  On the weekends I play piano in the Wartime Radio Revue Swing Orchestra. I am hoping to raise collies someday.  We have one, and he makes every day like living in a "Lassie" episode.

Can you believe we all grew up without the internet?  My grandkids picture little wigwams in the forest, communicating with smoke signals...


Laurie Mezner




Single, Dog, Work, Golf, Lake and Friends

Mike Michaelis   Deceased January 18, 1981
Greg Miles



No Photo

Kathi Mineer    
John Morgan    
Sue Morton Duda    
Evelyn Moss Hartman



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I live in Fort Ripley with my husband Duane, it’s been 15 years now! We moved from Baxter in 1995, when the last child turned 19! I worked as a nurse til 2009; my career was cut short by personal and family illnesses and losses. I have been semi-retired, taking care of myself and being a homebody! Most importantly, spending time with grandkids (we have 7) and hubby! We garden, can food, travel when we can. I'm looking for a hobby I can work at, rather than a job I'd be tied to. 40+ years of working for someone else is enough! Of course, that also means I've been out of touch for so long, I may not be recognized!!

Susan Mosimann

No Photo

Tim Mueller
Arlyn Mullenix

No Photo

Mike Murphy




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