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This is information and photos from our 40th Reunion in 2012

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Vicki VanDerSchaff  
Juana Velasco    
Pearl Verbeck   Deceased
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Debbie Vickerman



Kerry Viehauser Gabrelcik



WOW!!! 40 years. Who can believe it?

Like most of us, I have experienced both triumph (marriage, children and the blessing of an early retirement) and tragedy (loss of close friends and family and health challenges) in those 40 years.  I remain thankful for each day. So, the pertinent facts are:

I am married to Gary Gabrelcik (Watkins, MN) in 1981. I have two sons, Tony (26) an academic and musician and Nick (24) an athlete and sportsman.  Both still single...no grandchildren. I was employed as an Accountant with the City of Minneapolis...retired in December, 2004. In retirement, I do some volunteering and some freelance accounting and public relations work and lots of landscape and garden work, both personal and professional. Some traveling...have traveled through most of the U.S. over the years, as well as trips to Mexico and Aruba.  Planning Sedona and the Grand Canyon this fall, Jamaica and Ireland next year and thinking about Ecuador and Italy in the future.

I currently am still living in Crystal, MN but since retiring I have spent a considerable amount of time visiting with family (parents, siblings and extended family) in Brainerd area. I have often considered moving back to the Brainerd vicinity but haven't yet made the leap.

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion.
Mike Vogt   Deceased January 2, 2021
Cathy Vogt   Deceased 2009
Mary Voss    
Beth Vrudny Brostrom



Wow!!  40 years is a long time, but sure passed swiftly.

A brief look at the milestones for me....

1976 - Married (and still married)
        - graduated, Bemidji State University

1979 - Son, John - born

1983 - Daughter, Anna - born

1988 - Left Minnesota for Michigan (still in Michigan)

2001 - Son graduated from Alma College, Michigan

2005 - Daughter graduated from Alma College, Michigan
        - Son married

2007 - Daughter married

2010 - Granddaughter, Norah - born

2011 - Granddaughter, Lydia - born

In the midst of all the major milestones I have done some substitute teaching, coaching, secretarial work, organ playing and many volunteer activities.  We have had some ups and downs in our personal life and have come through with a greater appreciation of family and a much stronger faith in God.

I hope to see, talk and renew friendships and acquaintances this summer at the reunion.

Debra Wagner Nelson

I am still working at cleaning homes.  Keeps me busy!! I am a grandma and have 4 grand kids ~ 3 boys and 1 girl.  They are lots of fun.

Murray Wahl No Photo   Deceased
Kevin Wahlberg    
Lyle Walla   Deceased
George Wallace No Photo    
Gary Waller No Photo   Deceased
Donna Walters    
Lynn Watland Mueller



Duane Watson   Deceased June 4, 2002
Gene Welzant  
John Welzant



Gary Wessman    
Brian Whalen



  Hello classmates, I hope this finds you well!

After graduation, I worked the summer in Brainerd at Brainerd Woodcraft. It was while working there I decided that particular kind of work was not going to be my career choice.

Go back a moment to the spring of 1972. That is when I first talked to the Air Force Recruiter. I really wasn’t ready at that time to make a decision, so I didn’t enlist. However, I was still going over the visit in my mind.

In August of 1972, I went back to talk to the recruiter. Much to my surprise, the guy I talked to earlier in the year had moved and there was a new recruiter. We chatted, and I enlisted and left for active duty before the end of August.

Since enlisting, I’ve been to San Antonio, TX, Denver, CO, and Finland, MN.

In 1973, October to be exact, I married Pat Laughlin. Together, we’ve seen the Panama Canal Zone, Minot, ND, and Recruiting Duty in Minneapolis, MN.

While serving in Mpls, Pat and I were blessed with two children, two boys, 23 months apart.

Since then, the family has seen places like Grand Forks, ND, Kelfavik, Iceland, Dayton OH, and for me, the hot sands of Desert Storm at Dahran, Air Base, Saudi Arabia.

We retired in 1992 after 20 years, and moved back to Brainerd to start our new “civilian” chapter of our lives.

While stationed in Iceland, I was able to start the learning process of being a “disc jockey” on the radio. I met some folks from Navy Broadcasting at the USO, and they told me to talk to Petty Officer Swanson. I did and I have been “doing” radio off and on since.

When we moved back to Brainerd, I went to work at a radio station in Crosby, MN for Steve and Margaret Hasskamp. I worked on the air there as an on air personality working the night shift Monday – Thursday 6 pm to midnight ~ On Friday and Saturday 6 pm – 2 am. I sure did love being on the air. I worked there for about 8 months. It was Margaret that gave me my “radio” name. I walked in one night, about 15 minutes early for my shift. She was filling in for Tom Lang and I stood in the doorway of the studio. She was literally in the middle of a break, talking on the radio, paused, looked my way and said “The Killer Whale of radio is here”. The nickname stuck.

We moved to Minneapolis in April of 1993. Pat was working as a caretaker for a property management company and I went to work for a computer company, working in their warehouse. We lived and worked in Minneapolis until 1995.

Pat was working at Wendy’s in Golden Valley part time, and was given the opportunity to be a manager at a new Wendy’s in Bemidji, MN. In Bemidji, I worked at a radio station, a grocery store and a computer/office products company. In 1997, Pat was asked if she would be interested in being the GM of a new Wendy’s in Fargo, ND. She was and we moved to Fargo.

I was basically looking for radio work when I got to Fargo, and wasn’t having much luck. So, I helped Pat while the building that would become Wendy’s was being remodeled. I got a call from a Gary Weber, and finally landed a job at Kool 96.7 in West Fargo, ND.  Kool 96 was a small station with not much power, but, I’d like to think we were small but big in the sense that Gary knew how to “DO” radio. That was probably the most fun I had while in radio! Thanks for the opportunity Gary!! By the way, Gary and I are still friends today! Eventually, Pat left Wendy’s and went to work for Krispy Kreme Donuts in Fargo. I left Kool 96 after the station was sold and worked at several jobs including owning my own mobile DJ business.

I was on line at a radio type web site and saw an ad for a morning guy. The ad didn’t say where it was located, but gave an e-mail address and a phone number. I sent an e-mail asking where the 402 area code was located. I got an e-mail back stating it was in Nebraska. I thanked them for the answer and went back to work preparing for a wedding I was scheduled to work. I received another e-mail from this guy asking me if I had a resume and a demo I could send him. I sent the resume, but forgot the demo. Twenty minutes later, he called me and asked me to send my demo. I did, and he called me back and scheduled an interview in Nebraska City, NE for the following Tuesday. It was one of those small world deals during the interview. The General Manager was Sandra Overton. Sandra and her late husband Mike had lived and worked in Brainerd for a group of stations that used to be located in the old Coast-Coast Hardware Store building on the corner of 6th and Laurel Streets! Sandra’s daughter, Pam, graduated from Brainerd High School.

I got the job and moved to Nebraska City, NE, in 2004. Pat joined me about 6 weeks later, as she stayed in Fargo to pack up the house and wait for the movers. Pat worked at Wendy’s in Percival, IA and at Cargill Meat Solutions in Nebraska City.

We left Nebraska and moved to Fergus Falls, MN in April of 2007. I went to work for Lakes Radio and Pat went to work for Casey’s General Store as the GM. Before I got to KBRF-AM, I had to come up with a “radio” name. The Killer Whale would not have fit the format, so, with Pat’s help, I became Brian “Andrews”. I worked for KBRF and Lakes Radio until September of 2011. I resigned and became semi-retired. Pat is now working at the bakery at Wal-Mart and I am a house husband? Not sure if that’s the right term or not, but I do some house work, laundry, dishes and such. Yes, I know, I am leading a glamorous life!

Our boys, Daniel and Nathan are now grown men. Dan is 30 and going to college in Minneapolis, and Nathan is now 28 and living and working in Fargo, ND.

I have been truly blessed in my life. I have a great wife and best friend in Pat, and two wonderful blessings in the kids.

I thank God every day and every night for ALL the blessings he has given my family and me. It hasn’t always been easy, but those times made us stronger.

Life is good, God is GREAT!

I hope this finds you all well, and for the classmates that have passed, I hope to see you again someday.

God Bless & Keep the Faith

Brian “The Killer Whale” Whale

P.S. I want to let folks know that during my playing days as a Brainerd Warrior, I DID hear the fans, I DID hear the cheerleaders, and I DID hear the bands. I want you all to know what a difference you made when I was playing. I still get goose bumps when attending a game and hear that national anthem. It takes me back to the days at BHS!!! Thank you all for being a part of my life then. Sue Holden, thanks for listening at that bus stop in Minneapolis when we lost to Duluth Central!

I also want to thank my former teachers and coaches for everything you taught me in the classroom and all the life’s lessons. Especially one Clark “Corky” Johnson. He taught me never give up. He also talked me into playing basketball my junior year! Little known fact. Coach, years after playing for you, I had to use all you taught me to hang on, never quit to reach my 20 year mark in the Air Force. I learned a lot from my mom and dad growing up that’s for sure, but I really do thank God for putting Corky Johnson in my life!

Again, Bless you all!!

Susanne Whirley  
George Wiggins   Deceased October 8, 2005
Lydia Wilcox    
Daniel Wilkins   Deceased
Randy Wilkins    
Paula Willie



Lindsay Willis    
Rhonda Wiltz    
Randy Wing No Photo    
Mark Winson

mwinson@las- cruces.org

Dave Wise No Photo    
Joanne Witt Meyer



Can't believe how quick 40 yrs came around.   I am happy and feel lucky to live in the Brainerd Lakes area. I have been married to Rod Meyer for 30 years and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  I am an LPGA Golf Professional and work in Nisswa at Grand View Lodge and Resort, The Pines Golf Course.  I love my job, love teaching golf, and manage 5 women's golf leagues.   In the offseason when the golf course is closed I work in the corporate office for Madison Properties in the accounting department. 

In my free time I am an active member of Timberwood Church, love to spend time with my grandchildren, play golf, travel, pheasant hunt, fly fishing and reading a good book on vacation. 

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