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Mike Zaske



Hey Classmates,

Sorry I wasn't able to make it back this year.  I'm sitting in Kabul, Afghanistan working with Dyn-Corp International as a Quality Control Inspector, training the Afghan Air Force Quality Contry and maintenance personnel.

But my life after graduation, started with one year at the local junior college.  The draft was still going on and I had a draft number of "130", I got a heads up that it was going up to "100", the Air Force was already on my radar.  I went in active duty Nov. 6, 73 and retired Dec. 1, 97, 24 years/24 days.  I worked 10 different aircraft-all fighters and reconnaissance during my tenure.  During my early part of my career, I met my lovely wife Val, in England.  We got married June 27, 1981 and have never looked back.  We had one son, Christopher later on in life, and are proud to say that he made Eagle Scout.  He is now pursing an automotive maintenance degree in college.

After retiring from the Air Force at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV, I carried on with my aircraft maintenance career in General Aviation for 9 1/2 years.  In June 2007, I started doing Government Contract work in aviation.  In Sep 2009, I started working in Iraq with L-3 Vertex and stayed there until the drawdown in 2011.  Two weeks after leaving Iraq, I was in Kabul, Afghanistan.  In March 2012, we switched over to a new company and contract and continued to work and train with the Afghan Air Force.  I didn't hear anything about the class reunion until after my rotation dates were picked and my plane tickets were purchased and set in stone.  Sorry.

I'll be headed back to Vegas Aug 4 and get home on the 5th, then my family and I will be flying back to Minnesota a little later to see my Mom, visit, and look for a place to plant our roots for retirement.  Four seasons, green grass, lakes, and a White Christmas, here we come.  I still have a few years left of contracting to do over here, before I can call it quits.  That will put me over 40 years in aircraft maintenance.  County rocks!

Everyone, take care, God's speed, God Bless America, and may God Bless each of you and your families.      Later,     Mike Zaske                                                                                                                                       


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